"Prop"er Introductions

As we get a new prop we like to introduce them to our customers and tell you a little bit about their history, how they came to be ours, and some suggestions as to how they can be used. Enjoy!

Meet the Wheelers; Henry and Bud.

Meet the Wheelers; Henry, and his little brother Bud (also known as Squirt). They grew up in a tough neighborhood, constantly being teased by the older, and larger, two-wheeled bikes. They earned quite a reputation amongst the other bikes. In fact, some folks say they were reckless; they took chances most other bikes wouldn't. They tended to ignore "the rules of the road." They had a need for speed, and they hated to lose a race. This competitive streak got them into trouble.

Henry's claim to fame is being the youngest trike to be ordered to take a defensive driving course. It was this time in "Double D" that changed his life. He gained a new respect for traffic laws and made it his mission to teach other bikes in the neighborhood. He is a mentor in his "hood."

Squirt, being one to follow in his brother’s footsteps, chose to take defensive driving voluntarily and became a public speaker, encouraging other bikes to “play safe.”

We met the Wheelers on the last leg of their national motivational speaking tour. They had wrapped up their tour with a leadership seminar for a class of wheelchairs who were destined to provide service at a local nursing home.

Over lunch at Church’s Fried Chicken we heard their testimony and were eager to help them spread their “Play Safe” message.

If you are interested in hosting the Wheelers at your next event, they are more than happy to tell their story and pose for pictures with your guests. They can be booked separately, but enjoy traveling together.


Meet Nick Post.

Nick lived in the country; in front of an old farmhouse on a dusty dirt road. Ranch Road 4 to be exact. He spent his whole life in that same spot. When he was shiny and new, life was good. He loved the quiet peacefulness of his yard. The highlights of each day were seeing his best friend, the mailman, in the morning and young Molly riding her bike down the long driveway to check the mail each afternoon. As Molly grew, she no longer rode her bike. She went through a phase during which she stopped by for a visit when she got off the school bus. Nick would always get excited when he saw the yellow bus appear over the hill. And then, things changed… and not for the better.

He found that Molly rarely rode the bus anymore. He spent several days worrying about her. And then he saw her… in a pickup truck… with a BOY. They went flying right past Nick, covering him in dust. Nick recognized the BOY from the ranch next door. He knew there was bad blood between Molly’s family and the father of the BOY… he didn’t know why, but he knew they’d been avoiding each other for as long as he could remember. The families did not socialize with each other. 

He could hear the disappointment and disapproval in the voice of Molly’s father when he came home early from work and caught Molly in the truck with the BOY. He could feel Molly’s father’s heavy footsteps as he passed Nick on his way to the BOY’s house. Before he knew it, Nick was stuck in the middle of a family feud (not the game show.) It was a real family feud, with shotguns and love letters.

The couple was forbidden to see each other, but they devised a plan in which Nick had a very important role. Molly and the BOY used Nick to pass love letters back and forth. They trusted Nick. He was rather private and good at keeping secrets. The BOY would leave letters of love each afternoon, and once again Molly rode her bike down the long driveway to “check the mail.”

Their plan worked for a while, until THAT DAY. Molly had to stay late after school for band practice; her Dad stayed home from work with a touch of a cold. From his window, he saw the BOY’s pickup truck pull up to the mailbox. Anticipating trouble, her Dad grabbed his shotgun and headed down the driveway, slamming the door behind him. Hoping to get the BOY off his property, Molly’s Dad fired one shot in his direction. The BOY peeled off, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

Nick however, was forever changed. The pellets made a loud clang as they pierced first one side and then the other. Even his shiny red flag took a hit. Molly’s mother was upset about the entire situation and insisted they replace Nick with a shiny new mailbox.

A Tale To Tell came across Nick while searching for treasures. Nick and his tale “spoke” to them. He wanted a forever home and A Tale To Tell was just the place. Nick has a new home now, at A Tale To Tell. He still receives love letters. However, instead of being on a dusty dirt road, receiving letters from clandestine lovers, he now goes to wedding receptions and graduation parties, where he receives letters of love and well-wishes from families, friends, and loved-ones. Nick stays very busy. If you want Nick to be a part of your special event, contact us; he’ll be thrilled.


Meet (Amazing) Grace

Meet Grace.

Grace was acquired by the Millers in preparation for the birth of their daughter, Jenny. Grace was a lovely pale pink, the color of a sweet girl’s blush when a boy first notices her. She was petite, with softly curved arms… the perfect size for Jenny’s mom to hold her new baby girl. Grace had the “best” spot in Jenny’s room. She was right next to the window, overlooking the great elm tree in the front yard.

As Jenny grew to be a toddler, Grace anticipated their everyday storytime. Jenny’s mom would sit in the chair, Jenny in her lap, and read Jenny’s favorite, “Goodnight Moon.” Jenny never failed to wish Grace a goodnight.

As happens, Jenny grew a little older, and her needs for Grace changed. While Jenny’s mom still enjoyed cuddling with Jenny and reading books, Jenny, an independent sort of girl, often climbed up onto Grace “all by myself.” Sometimes it took her two or three tries.

Jenny soon began reading on her own, sounding out each and every letter, while Grace patiently listened. Jenny spent most evenings  in the comfort of Graces arm’s, her taste in reading growing from “Goodnight Moon” to a more mature “Seventeen” magazine. On some occasions, Jenny would cover herself with her pink blanket and read by the light of a flashlight, only waking to the morning sun shining through the branches of that old elm tree. Grace loved those mornings.

During Jenny’s teenage years Grace was always covered with clothes; sometimes clean and freshly folded, but more often not. Grace missed holding Jenny in her arms but knew she still held a place of importance in Jenny’s life.

Grace can remember vividly the day Jenny began packing boxes. She watched Jenny pack her favorite boots. As she watched Jenny drive down the road, little did she know how much her life would change. For four long years, Jenny’s visits were few and far between. The nights were lonely, and the days were long. The sun faded Grace’s pretty pink fabric, and she was forgotten.

And then Grace saw boxes again, and she heard the word “downsizing.”

Strange people came in and out of Jenny’s room, looking at everything. One of the strangers took Jenny’s lamp, another took her books, including “Goodnight Moon”.  They scarcely noticed Grace.

And this is how we found Grace. She was all alone in the room, faded, and sad. We saw beyond her exterior, and knew we wanted her to be a part of our family at A Tale To Tell. We removed her faded pink fabric and reupholstered her in a blanket of white chenille.

Grace, having spent her whole life in one place, came to realize she likes field trips. She’s seen fields of bluebonnets, and country roads. She’s met new friends and can’t wait to go out on another “adventure.”

If you are planning an “adventure” and would like to include Grace, you can find her at her new home at 522 Brooks St., Sugar Land, TX.

Best Red Chair

“Let’s sit in my best red chair,
I’d like to read a book right there,”
Said the little girl with hair of gold
To a fuzzy brown bear she liked to hold.
Her pudgy arms wrapped the bear up tight,
As they rocked and read by the pale night light.

Riddles and rhymes
And “Once upon a times”
Were shared in the chair
Between the girl and her bear
The chair would rock and the floor would creak
Until the girl heard the steady beat
Of her father’s footsteps at her bedroom door
And heard his voice telling her to read no more.

“It’s time for bed,” she heard him say.
“Soon you will wake to a brand new day.”
He kissed her cheek and put her to bed.
With little girl dreams filling her head.

The Gold Loveseat

So very perfect for a pair

A tall dark boy and a girl so fair

Sitting sweetly, side by side

From the world they tried to hide

The boy slowly whispered in her ear

She heard the words she hoped to hear

"I love you so," the tall boy said.

"Can we please soon be wed?"

Looking into his deep blue eyes

She quietly smiled and softly cried

With tears of happiness and heart full of joy

"Yes," she quickly told the boy

A few very short years passed

The love some doubted, they proved could last

She pulled him onto the seat by hand

And gave him news so very grand A father, he soon would be

They would be blessed with a baby

He stood on the seat and danced with joy

 "Would it be a girl or a boy?"

They talked and dreamed of how life would be

When they welcomed home their new baby

The years passed quickly, or so it seemed

And all the dreams which they had dreamed

Came true and more For the family, now four

Much was shared on the gold loveseat

Words of love so very sweet

From girl to boy, from Mom and Dad

From laughter to joy and hugs when sad

Standing there, wearing gold

Quite a sight she was to behold

We imagined the tales she could tell

And quickly she had us under her spell