Our Guide to Preschool Photography


The Preschool Photography Package includes:


* How to Find Preschools

* Marketing Materials that Get Results

* What Needs to be Done Prior to Session

* The Day of the Session

* Equipment

* The Photography Session

* After the Session (when the work really begins)

* Galleries and Ordering Forms

* Managing Customer Orders

* Processing Prints and Digital Images

* Tips, Tricks, and Traps


So, you want to be a Preschool Photographer…

Photographing preschools is not as easy as just showing up and snapping some pictures. Actually, that is the easiest part. The hard part is the work that needs to be done to win that preschool, and the effort required after the shoot to make sure everyone gets the pictures they ordered. 

Our step-by-step Preschool Photography Guide is $99 and includes examples of everything we use to manage and run our preschool photography business. You will receive examples of our marketing materials, the process we follow before, during, and after the shoot, a list of the equipment we use, examples of the spreadsheets we use to manage the customer orders, examples of the order form, and personal insights we have learned from our experiences photographing dozens of preschools.