We started in 2017 when we were asked to photograph the Spring photos for a local preschool. They had 136 kids. We looked online at what other preschool photographers were doing, and knew we wanted something different that stayed true to our style. We now photograph 4 preschools and love every minute of it.

We shoot outdoors. We use vintage props instead of a colored background. We don't require parents to come to a viewing after school, or worse, send in a check with their child for a package without ever seeing an image. We send each parent an online gallery of all the photographs. Parents can chose packages or individual photos, as well as digital images, from the comfort of their own home. They can share the galleries with other family members. All digital purchases are sent online, and all print purchases are delivered to the school.  We also donate 10% of the proceeds back to the school.

If your preschool doesn't currently have a preschool photographer, or maybe isn't happy with their current one, let us know and we can get some information to your preschool director.

Here are a few examples of the cuties we shot this past spring. Plus, if you refer us to your preschool and they book us, you receive up to 5 free digital images.