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Mom Photography

This class is not for those who are looking to start a photography business, learn advanced photography skills, or learn about post-processing. Simply put, it's for Moms who just want to get the most from their cameras in order to take great photos of their kids, without being intimidated by a bunch of technical stuff.

The course is 3 hours (but not all in a row!). The first 2 hours are spent learning about frightening words such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and exposure. But don't worry, we teach it in easy to understand language. We also teach how to capture a photo of your soccer player without it being all blurry, and how to take a portrait of your kids with that awesome blurred background, and what makes certain lenses better than others (and which one is best for you).  The third hour is spent with you actually photographing your kid(s). It is scheduled separately from the 2-hour class, at the local park, where we will assist you in practicing what you've learned in a real, practical environment.

Class is limited to 5 students. Cost is $145.

Register with a friend and you both save $15. So grab your BFF and learn how to take amazing photos of your family. We'll bring the wine!

We can also schedule an in-home class if that meets your schedule.

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